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Drum roll!! Winner announcement now

Okay so as mentioned over a glass of wine and two arguments we finally have a winner. YAY! 

To all those who entered thank you so much for your innovative, very funny, very sad & very intriguing reasons. We've had crazy locals, International pranksters and return clients who would give their left shoe (literally!) to win and it's made us smile all month.

Also, for your amazing support for Renai and my small business over the years we would love to give you all big hugs!! This was a wonderful way for us to pay back the love.

But there can only be one winner. 

Drum roll.......

This lady won due to a beautiful down to Earth and just gorgeous reason (obviously we keep all responses private but it overwhelmed both of us to the point of tears!) and it was closely followed by two others who we will message privately also.

Congratulations Shelby Potter on winning a Talk The Talk Tour for four people valued at $340. We will contact you tomorrow when we've had a rest from the to-ing and fro-ing and get your voucher to you. Very. Well. Deserved.

Ash Padalecki and Mathew Puts you were both a very close second expect a loving message from us tomorrow also!

Thanks again all you amazing people and we have just both decided because of the overwhelming responses to this comp we will be doing another one very very soon!

Lotsa love Clay & Renai and of course Maizy.

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