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Just a little bit of fun

A #hens #party full of fun and a bus load of #locals who loved visiting places never seen on their front door step.

Today will be no different! Beautiful warm cellar doors and drops to go with. Daylesford Wine Tours is very proud of our little region and it's magnificent produce and people.

Daylesford Wine Tours loves Daylesford Cidery

Mackie from Daylesford Cidery on the pour - mulled Cider a speciality!

Daylesford Wine Tours loves Fontanella Winery

Daylesford Hotel locals finally get a weekend off together and make the most of it.

Daylesford Wine Tours loves Glenlyon Estate

Simon from Glenlyon Estate enjoying his last two weeks open....sniff sniff.

Daylesford Wine Tours Hens Party Fun

The Hens found the needle pines very amusing!

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