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It's started like this: nice and small wine region attracts a few visitors to their cellar doors now and again. Daylesford grows in volumes as does the wineries and Daylesford Wine Tours alongside it.

NOW: Daylesford Wine Tours sees over 280+ tours a year with a volume close to $140,000 being sold through cellar doors alone in 2017. Times that by self-drivers and other tours and we have Daylesford cellar doors that are getting BIGGER AND BETTER.

John from Limestone Track has added some fab new features to his cellar door as has Cameron Leith from Passing Clouds (as pictured below) and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak yesterday!

It's all about the grain, texture and soon to be taste at Passing Clouds

BIG space for our clients to enjoy wine and cheese on Daylesford Wine Tours

Cameron Leith taking a moment to enjoy what will be!

Fill it with wine and let the people go....

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