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Funny joke - Winter Warmer!

When I see names of lovers carved on trees around wineries, I don't think about whose names they might be and how in love they must be. I think about why you would bring your own knife to a winery on a date!

Welcome back to the WACCA! And welcome back to Winter from the DWT family. We have gone from 34 degree days in Bali to a balmy 10 degrees in Daylesford.

Some yummy shots of our holidays and thanks to Sue for looking after our clients while we were away!

Bali living with Kadek looking after us!

Gorgeous Bali landscapes in Ubud - great Cab Sav growing conditions!

Marlow enjoying the black sand a little too much!

La Brisa - one of the nicest spots in the world

Suffice to say - we're ready to get back to work!

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