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Winter Team Building at it's best

It starts off fresh, turns icy, then begins to thaw slowly. The amazing and beautiful cycle that is life in Daylesford in Winter never ceases to impress - especially for Corporate groups.

The vines are asleep and awaiting the warm incline as are the winemakers who take much needed time out to plan their next growing season. An exciting 2018 vintage sits gathering oak flavours in barrels whilst the clients that flock to Daylesford lap up the warmth with open fires, stunning boutique red wine & spas to boot.

A new trend of elite clients hit Daylesford this season taking on Private Tours to impress loved ones and family and friends as did many the Corporate groups that just couldn't not come back year after year to thank their team and build them with fun trivia, tastings, maker's showcases and the works.

Snow is on the horizon and we look forward to the droves heading up the mountain with car lights on and eyes lit up awaiting flakes of expectation and an unforgettable experience.

Join us soon in our Winter Wonderland With Wine!

Tours, trivia & team building events of relaxed fun daily (03) 53481823 or

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