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Partners with Peppers Day Spa

Exciting news with the new development of our partnership with Peppers Day Spa who offer fantastic bathing options including "Twilight Bathing" which Renai and I had the opportunity to road test last week.

WOW! An amazing, beautiful and relaxing experience to say the least with a stunning lay out, several choices of soul cleansing including sauna, infra-red and steam rooms plus mineral bathing spa pools and plunge pool.

The larger "cooling off" areas are perfect for ladies groups with supplies of assorted herbal teas, waters and fruits - the outlook into the Peppers gardens are superb just to give it that secluded feel.

We thank manager Fiona for supplying us with a couple of their best packages to pass onto you at great rates. Give it a try on your next visit:

Peppers Day Spa is truly a relaxing experience to compliment your day out with Daylesford Wine Tours

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