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Is 2022 the new safe word? And a Matrix Resurrection premiere for our DWT Captain

With the ushering in of the new year and a strong surge on all shores, we'd like to give you confidence in our product and the safety we are strict about. We continue to strive for above the line with our deep cleaning and reducing numbers on our small mini-buses, with an emphasis on outdoor tastings at our stunning and picturesque boutique cellar doors. Our Private Tours are what everyone is talking about - your own private tastings with these humble makers. Priceless!

So can we make 2022 the new safe word and continue the relaxing fun? Let's hope so. We have everything absolutely sorted for you with sign-ins, sanitisers, sipping rules (albeit none!) and your pre-booked and guided through an amazing array of award-winning wines, ciders, beers, ports, liqueurs, gins & vodkas. Nothing more to do than sit back and thoroughly relax.

Did you say beer? Well, heck yes we did! We've added the awesome Daylesford Brewing Company to our huge list of suppliers and Dave Gill has been beautiful enough to open his doors to us with clients loving his range of brews. Thanks Dave! I'll get me some of that.

And speaking of opening doors, the lovely people at United Cinemas of the Opera Quays in Sydney last night opened their doors to a sensational premiere of The Matrix Resurrection with Clay as guest speaker and by looks, red carpet hog! He is the "Captain of Fun" for a reason....

Clay featured on 3AW, Sydney Confidential, The Herald and now A Current Affair speaking about his long term affiliation with the Matrix franchise and ended up spruiking Daylesford Wine Tours very well. Watch it here:

We are wondering if Clay will return from his press rounds and glamour trip soon?

We'd love to see you in 2022 so book in and say g'day. And please don't worry if your holiday is interrupted by you know what - we will refund you or reschedule you so your hard earned cash is safe with us.

Oh okay, one last video to show off our Captain enjoying himself a little too much. See you soon!

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