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Why Mindfulness & Wine Is Beneficial

We've been doing a lot of soul searching this month - and amazing wine searching also! - and have found a life hack that is super beneficial if played out correctly. Like this:

  1. Find yourself the best bottle of vino you can afford and preferably one that you are in tune with already to avoid any disappointments.

  2. Find yourself a quiet place if you prefer or gather some friends and find a much noisier place - it doesn't really matter as long as you attain the next point;

  3. Take a minute or two to stop, breathe, enjoy your surrounds and thoroughly indulge in the space you've created in point 2.

Why is this beneficial? Reduced stress, overall wellbeing, much better concentration and focus and a huge increase in mental health. Plus, the added benefit of enjoying a classy drop doesn't go astray neither!

We love watching people on our wine tours switch off, take time out, self-practise mindfulness whether they realise or not. We surely see it as tour guides and love it. Come and give it a try with us anytime:

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