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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Daylesford Wine Tours, where we invite you to join us in uncovering the hidden gems and untold tales of Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges region. As passionate storytellers, educators, and advocates for sustainable practices, our goal is to create unforgettable experiences and lasting memories for our guests. Whether you're a seasoned local or a curious wine lover visiting the area, we're here to immerse you in the rich heritage of wine-making, distilling, and brewing that this captivating land has to offer.

Do you have availability for...?

For available tour dates, please check our book online page. In the event that your desired date and time is not listed or if you're looking to book last-minute, please feel free to email us at

Where do you go on your tours?

At Daylesford Wine Tours, we've carefully selected the best cellar door experiences in the region as our business partners. We prioritise exceptional service and quality, which is why we finalise our itineraries 2-5 days prior to each tour. This ensures that we maintain a premium level of experience for our guests. Some of the cellar doors we visit include:

  • Mt Franklin Estate

  • Daylesford Cider Co.

  • Red Hare

  • Wombat Forest

  • Zig Zag

  • Limestone Track

  • Sailor's Falls

  • Captain's Creek

  • Welshman's Reef

  • Daylesford Brewing Co.

  • Herbal Lore Liqueurs

  • Terra Australis Distillery

  • Hepburn Distillery

  • Musk Lane

  • Kyneton Ridge

  • Hepburn Springs Brewing Co


Can I choose my own cellar doors?

Our Private Tours offer you the flexibility to choose the cellar doors you'd prefer to visit from the list above, as well as other sights and attractions that we can recommend to suit your style or occasion.

For our public Morning/Afternoon/Classic Tours, we've carefully designed the itineraries to provide the most benefit and value for your experience. While we do take your preferences into account and try to accommodate them as much as possible, we create the itineraries based on our 12 years of experience in the region.

Do you pick up from our accommodation and when?

If you're staying in Daylesford accommodation or Hepburn Springs accommodation, we make it a priority to pick you up for the tour. However, there may be days when you'll need to arrange your own transportation to a meet point or take a taxi. Rest assured, our team will contact you prior to your tour (usually 24 hours prior) to provide you with the exact pick-up time and location.

If you're located 10km or more from Daylesford Town Hall, we'll make every effort to pick you up, but please note that a surcharge fee may apply. Alternatively, we can meet you at the horse statue outside The Royal Hotel in Daylesford, which is our main pick-up spot. Should you be outside our main pick-up area, we'll send you a new invoice with the surcharge fee included.

How long are the tours approximately?

Our Short Morning/Afternoon Tours last approximately 2-3 hours, while our Classic Tours typically run for 6-7 hours. Private Tours can vary in duration based on your specific needs and preferences.

Is lunch dietary-friendly?

Absolutely! Our partners at Frango's Hotel offer an amazing array of choices that cater to various dietary needs. We encourage you to check their website for the current menu. Please remember to advise us of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking, so we can ensure that your needs are accommodated.

Can we order food and more drinks on tour?

Unfortunately, ordering additional food and drinks on tour is not possible unless prior arrangements have been made. Our itineraries are carefully planned with allocated times for each cellar door visit. Any extended stops beyond the planned schedule would disrupt the flow of the tour. We appreciate your understanding!

Are you accredited and safe?

We take pride in being the only fully accredited tour in Daylesford. Our brand new fleet undergoes inspection every 3 months, and we adhere to strict cleaning and maintenance practices. Our commitment to perfection and dedication to your safety is unwavering.

Can we drink on the bus?

Due to Victorian Police rules and RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) regulations, alcohol consumption is not permitted on the bus. We want to ensure your safety and adhere to state laws. However, rest assured that there will be ample opportunities for tasting at the licensed cellar doors, and you can even take some home with you!

Are snacks included?

Onboard our tours, you'll receive a "Refreshments Pack" which includes chips, water, brochures, and information booklets to keep you refreshed and entertained. We also provide an abundance of individually packaged chips and water bottles for your enjoyment.

Are tasting fees included in the price?

Unless otherwise specified upfront, the tasting fees for the cellar doors are included in the tour price. However, there may be occasions for private tours or group tours where we charge additional tasting fees, depending on the co-designed itinerary. Rest assured, any fees will be communicated clearly in advance.

How long do we spend at each stop?

Generally, we find that 40 minutes is more than ample at most cellar doors. However, we understand that everyone has their own pace, so we encourage you to take your time and enjoy the experience at your own leisure. After all, it's all about relaxing and having fun!

How many tastings are at each stop?

The number of tastings at each cellar door can vary depending on factors such as the time of the year and the venue itself. However, as a general guideline, we strive to ensure that there are at least 4-5 tastings, if not more, at each stop. We want to immerse you in the diverse flavors and delights of the region.

I'm having trouble paying online. Can I do it over the phone?

Absolutely! If you're experiencing difficulties with the online payment process, please give us a call, and our friendly team will be happy to assist you. Our Checkfront system is secure and easy to use, so if you encounter any issues, try refreshing your page and double-checking your details.

How do gift certificates work?


Gift certificates are the perfect way to share the experience of a wine tour with friends or family.  Gift certificates can be purchased for any value, allowing people to choose a date and tour that suits them.  Give the gift that creates lasting memories and a deep appreciation for the world of wine. 

I'm trying to pay with a Gift Certificate, but it won't accept?

No worries! Simply complete your booking for the tour, and once a receipt is generated, you'll find a "Pay Now" button at the bottom of the receipt. Click on it, and you'll be able to use your voucher for payment. It's as easy as that!

Are there any restrictions on the number of people in a group?

We can accommodate groups of all sizes, so whether you're planning a small gathering or a large group event, we've got you covered. If you're booking for a group of 10 or more, please contact us directly, and we'll be delighted to create a customised experience just for you.

What is the cancellation policy in case we need to reschedule or cancel our booking?

For information on our cancellation policy and any rescheduling requirements, please refer to our terms and conditions page. We understand that plans can change, and our team is here to assist you should you need to make any adjustments to your booking.

What should I wear on the wine tour? 

When it comes to joining us on a Daylesford Wine Tour, one of the questions we often get asked is, "What should I wear?" Fear not, fellow wine enthusiasts, for we are here to guide you in dressing to sip in style!

While there is no strict dress code for our tours, we recommend opting for smart casual attire that allows you to both enjoy the experience and feel comfortable throughout the day. Here are some tips to ensure you're dressed for a fabulous wine adventure:

  1. Dress for the Weather: Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges are known for their ever-changing weather patterns. We suggest checking the forecast before your tour and dressing accordingly. Layers are your best friend, as they allow you to adjust your clothing based on the temperature. Don't forget a light jacket or sweater for cooler mornings or evenings.

  2. Comfortable Shoes: Our wine tours often involve a little bit of walking, as we explore the beautiful vineyards and cellar doors of the region. Opt for comfortable shoes that are suitable for both walking and standing. Leave those high heels at home and embrace the stylish yet practical footwear that will keep your feet happy throughout the day.

  3. Sun Protection: The Australian sun can be quite intense, so be sure to protect yourself from its rays. A wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are essential elements in your wine-tasting outfit. Not only will they shield you from the sun, but they'll also add a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

  4. Casual Chic: Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges have a relaxed and laid-back vibe, so embrace the casual chic style that complements the region's ambiance.

  5. Don't Forget Your Smile: The most important accessory to bring on your wine tour is your smile! Our tours are not just about the wine; they're about connecting with the passionate winemakers, discovering the stories behind each bottle, and creating unforgettable memories. So, put on your best smile, and get ready to sip, savour, and enjoy the Daylesford wine experience!

At Daylesford Wine Tours, we're committed to providing you with an immersive, educational, and sustainable wine tour experience that showcases the diverse flavors, history, culture, and natural beauty of Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges. Join us on a journey of discovery as we uncover the essence of this captivating land through its finest wines, spirits, and brews. Book your Daylesford Wine Tour today and let the rich heritage of wine-making intoxicate your senses. Cheers to unforgettable moments and lasting memories!

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