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To streamline our service and questions for you:

Do you have availability for...?

Please check our book online page for available dates. If your date and time is not listed or it's last minute please email us.

Where do you go on your tours?

Our business partners include the best cellar door experiences in the region. We look for service and quality combined. Therefore our itineraries are chosen 2-5 days prior to uphold a premium level. 


Currently on our 5 star list is:



Reh Hare


Wombat Forest

Zig Zag

Kyneton Ridge

Musk Lane

Limestone Track

Sailor's Falls

Captain's Creek

Daylesford Cider Co.

Daylesford Brewing Co.

Herbal Lore Liqueurs

Terra Australis Distillery
Hepburn Distillery

Welshman's Reef


Can I choose my own cellar doors? 

On our Private Tours you may choose which cellar doors you'd prefer to visit from this list, also sights and anything that we can recommend to suit your style or occasion.


Our public Morning/Afternoon/Classic Tours are designed to get the most benefit and value for your experience. So although we ask for your preferences and try to work them in as much as possible for each client we create the itineraries based on 12 years of experience in the region.

Do you pick up from our accommodation and when?

If you are staying in Daylesford/Hepburn main we will always endeavour to pick you up - some days you will need to taxi to a meet point - and can drop you off to your accommodation or in town to keep having fun! Our team will contact you prior to your tour (usually 24 hours prior) for exact pick up time and location. 

If 10km's or greater from Daylesford Town Hall we will again try to pick you up which will add a surcharge fee or meet you at the horse statue outside The Royal Hotel - our main pick up spot. We will send you a new invoice with the surcharge fee on it should you be outside our main pick up area.

How long are the tours approximately?

Short Morning/Afternoon Tours 2-3 hours.

Classic Tours 6-7 hours

Private Tours depends on your needs.


Is lunch dietary friendly?

Absolutely! Our partners at Frango's Hotel have an amazing array of choices which includes all the above in dietary needs. Please check their website for current menu.

Can we order food and more drinks on tour?

Unfortunately not. Unless prior arrangements are made we book into cellar doors at certain times allocated so spending any longer that planned upsets the whole show sorry!

Are you accredited and safe?

We are the only fully accredited tour in Western Victoria and our brand new fleet is inspected every 3 months and strictly cleaned and maintained. We pride ourselves on absolute perfection and dedication to this fact.

Can we drink on the bus?

Due to Victorian Police rules and RSA any person caught without a seatbelt and/or drinking alcohol on the bus will be fined in accordance with state law.


Don't worry though there is ample for you to try at the licensed cellar doors and plenty to take home with you!

Are snacks included?

You will receive a "DWT Refresher Pack" onboard that includes chips, water, brochures and information booklets. We also supply an abundance of individually packaged chips and water bottles onboard.


How much is tasting fees?

$10-$15 at only a couple of places. We try and make sure you are not paying more than two tasting fees for your day out with us and most that do are refundable of purchase.

Why is this not included in the price?

We have absorbed as much cost as possible to present a unique experience to our clients but it is totally up to the cellar doors to charge or not charge people tasting fees. Remember, these are tiny cellar doors and make small amounts so to some it is a necessity.

What else can I do in the region?

Simple answer. Let your fingers do the crawling! There's so much to see and do up here it's a very personal research variable.

Why do your tours start at certain times?

Over 12 years we've worked out the best times for our clients to taste at certain cellar doors to get the most terrific experience possible. And we mean the most terrific!

How long do we spend at each stop?

Usually we find 40 minutes to be more than ample at most CD's but we go at everybody's own pace. It's all about relaxing fun.

How many tastings at each stop?

This varies depending on many things like time of the year and venue but generally we try and make sure there's at least 5 tastings or more at each.

I'm having trouble paying online can I do it over the phone?

Absolutely give us a call and we can take your details over the phone. Our Checkfront system is very secure and easy to use so if you're stuck, just try refreshing your page and make sure your details are correct.

I'm trying to pay with a voucher but it won't accept?

Wait until you have fully booked in the tour and then when a receipt is generated hit the "Pay Now" button at the bottom of the receipt and away you go!

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