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Hepburn Springs Accomodation


Hepburn Springs Accommodations spots are amazing. The name itself indicates what this town is all about. It is an urban setting with over 60 natural mineral springs, which attracts people to luxuriate, unwind and relax in the therapeutic water. Mineral springs in Daylesford have been around since the Roman times and there are many of them in the area. Distinguished by taste due to varying composition of minerals, their water is famed for the healing properties and helps easing the pain and several other ailments. If you are specifically seeking accommodation and a spring spa experience as a gift or for yourself in Daylesford or Hepburn Springs, below are some sensational suggestions.


Spa Villas On Main

Spa Villas offers luxuriously appointed accommodation in the heart of Hepburn Springs. With three stunning villas set in beautiful gardens, there's no better place to relax and just unwind.

Amara Springs Guest House

Simple, affordable and retro-styled. Great for budget group getaways!

Hotel Bellinzona 

Discover luxury accommodation, fine wine & dining at Bellinzona in the heart of Daylesford & Hepburn Springs: perfect for weddings & conferences. Book now!

Cosy Tents

Something a little bit different - luxury in the true outback. Gorgeous and spacious bell tents with all the bells and whistles. Camp fires and cosy times equals Glamping!

The Grande Hotel

Situated in Hepburn Springs, The Grande Hotel is a majestic guest house that overlooks the Hepburn gully and Bathhouse.

If you have serious accommodation questions ask Sam!


Hepburn Springs History:


In 1830 Captain Hepburn was the person to discover the rejuvenating properties in the water of the springs. He named his first discovery the “Pavilion Spring”. It is now recognised as the Hepburn Mineral Spring Reserve, just a short walk from the Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa. He also founded the close by town Hepburn, which was evidently named after him.  


Gold was discovered in Hepburn in the mid 1850's. The area became hugely popular for gold mining, the opportunity to become rich and the mineral contents of the springs’ water. Though the mining attracted a lot of people and made it a commercial hub, it also affected the flow of the springs. It was then that the locals united to ensure that the springs and their natural healing potential was protected. And so today,  locals and visitors alike can enjoy the waters of Hepburn Springs.


Springs were effective and could cure almost anything – the news spread like wild fire in late 1800s and soon people from different parts of the country started visiting. The first Hepburn Bathhouse was actually built with 2 baths but almost immediately expanded and had 4 baths. 


In the early 1900s, the Pavilion was built near the Hepburn Springs Bathhouse and was used as a swimming pool, when it was filled with mineral water in summer, where people could sit around and soak their feet or bath. In the time of Winter, the water was drained away, making it a large space for concerts, society meeting and dancing. 


The well-known Pavilion house was neglected and abandoned for a long time. It has been reopened as a café which is now known as the Pavilion Café. Replacing window glasses was the only major repair that was done, just to make sure the whole setting looks like the old Pavilion House

The place so smells of history that anyone would love to hear the story of this café. It also has that ambience to make people imagine what the place would be like before a hundred years ago. 


The most interesting fact is it has been 186 years since Captain Hepburn first discovered the healing power of the springs; they are still there, undamaged and offered access to everyone for a bath or to drink a bottle of water whenever they like. 


From the original timer building in the late 188os to the now renovated one, Hepburn Bathhouse has come a long way. Since then the Hepburn Bathhouse has been refurbished in the 1920s, 1980s, 1990s and the most recent 'state of the art' renovation in 2008 that cost a million dollars. It is now called the 'Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa'.

Some of the best spas around: 

  • Hepburn Springs Spa

  • The Mineral Spa

  • Acqua Viva Day Spa

  • Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel & Salus Spa

  • Shizuka Ryokan Japanese Country Spa Retreat


Hepburn Springs Spa Special facilitates spa therapists and practitioners that are fully trained and experienced to offer various treatments that pamper, soothe, cleanse, scrub, balance and polish, using the blissful collection of aromatic treatments and authentic healing practices.


Call us today at Daylesford Wine Tours to book your next holiday and Hepburn Spring Spa Special!

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