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Things To Do In Daylesford


Corporate team building, Weddings, Hen Tours & Private packages


Check out our Daylesford Corporate Packages and enjoy the best Daylesford Spa Country has to offer! For our guests travelling up for special wedding purposes our Hens Tours are perfectly suited as Daylesford Wine Tours has organised hundreds of fun & relaxing days out without the hassle and stress for the organiser. And for that extra special occasion, let Daylesford Wine Tours organise Private Tours with the makers and private tastings for your loved one/s or group.

Most of all, as long as you give yourself enough days to enjoy everything, you won't leave disappointed!


Mineral Springs  


The mineral springs in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs have been around since the Roman times and there are many of them in the area. Distinguished by taste due to varying composition of minerals, its water is famous for its healing properties and is definitely one of the top things to do in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. Mineral springs’ therapeutic water helps ease pain (especially a hang over!) and is great for your heart, lungs, liver and brain function.


The easiest access to mineral springs in Daylesford is near “Lake Daylesford”, which are the Wombat Flat Springs and also known as Central Springs. Others include Wagga Spring, Hard Hills, Central Spring and Sutton Spring on the King Street side, which can be accessed via Flucher Street.

Hot Air Ballooning  


While exploring the famous spa region of Daylesford, a hot air balloon flight is must. Behold the landscape of rolling hills, vibrant scenery, green forests, rich red volcanic soils and beautiful blue waterways. This is the most luxurious way to get close to the nature, which makes hot air ballooning in Daylesford as purest as it can get.


You can take the pleasure of hot air ballooning 7 days a week not to mention the champagne breakfast, with which the fun multiplies. To top off the experience, you can learn the history of the oldest form of human aviation after the balloon flight. Hot air ballooning is the perfect means to an idyllic adventure and one of the best things to do in Daylesford.


For more information contact Ben on 03 9429 0277 or visit


Camping & Glamping


There are trekking tracks for all ages in Daylesford & Hepburn Springs and are well mapped and marked. They will take you to the prettiest places that you generally see in landscape books and TV channels like National Geographic and Discovery. Meander around beautiful bushlands, a beautiful lake and enchanting wildlife and a mineral spring or a babbling brook. You will have a walk to remember as nature will surprise you throughout. There are also some great camping and glamping sites around the region for those who want to get back to the nature.

Special pick ups from the glamping site at Yandoit available. Visit to book.

Wineries & farm gates

While touring around, you will be able to see some of the best wineries and farms in the area, where they offer their own products straight from their farm. Some farms are proudly selling their products, which is also known as farm gate produce. If you like organic produce then jump on a Daylesford Wine Tour and enjoy a Private Tour through farm gates as well as wineries, cidery & liqueur cellar doors. This is a must things to do in Daylesford.




Daylesford boasts the best cidery in Victoria. Multi-award winning traditionally brewed ciders is what The Daylesford Cidery is all about and Daylesford Wine Tours frequents this spot a quick five minutes from town. If you've never tried the real deal cider (both still and sparkling) and even if you don't particularly like cider, this is a definite things to do in Daylesford as it transforms the nay-sayers into believers!


Clare and Mackie have transformed the cidery into a jumpin' place to eat, drink and listen to live music - as well as making the delicious varieties of cider apple-based treasures. Visit them in Musk or jump on with us!




Owner/operator Glenn Webster combines his love for Daylesford and its hinterland with his passion for social history and the natural world and showcases these in his “Hidden Gems of Daylesford Tours". When you travel with Glenn you are in very good hands as he is an operational member of the Daylesford Fire Brigade as a volunteer firefighter. He has intimate knowledge of the surrounding areas and the best places to take you all the comfort of one his 4x4 vehicles. Tours are always with a minimum of 2 people or a maximum of 8 ensuring personalised attention and flexibility.


Herbal Lore Liqueurs & Terra Australis Distillery is world-renowned for it's delicious herbal liqueurs, gins, vodka, gold winning packaging, candles, chocolates and an experience like no other. Intoxicating aromas, beautiful flavours and the synergy of herbs await you in perfection as you experience the delight and magic of Herbal Lore. Each herbal liqueur, elegantly crafted by our master blender, offers unique opportunities to savour the beauty of nature in our palate pleasing elixirs. With a focus on products with no added sugar or preservatives, this is a must stop on your visit to Daylesford:







Daylesford Fishing


There are many different waterways in the Daylesford & Hepburn Springs area and fishing is considered one of the most interesting activities to indulge in from the list of “Things to do in Daylesford”. These waterways give opportunity to all - the pro or a beginner, for all ages, in the boat, off the bank, fly fishing, bait fishing or spinning. You have to have some patience to catch those big fish and the interesting part - fish will do their best to make fishing a hard part for you. However, with hours of waiting, some practice and bait to lure, you may get lucky. Clay is an avid fisherman dabbling in fly fishing also so feel free to contact him for advice. He frequents the lakes and reservoirs around Daylesford and also a few secret spots.


Treasure Hunt


Does a treasure hunt interest you? Then Daylesford & Hepburn Springs is the place where you will get the opportunity to hunt for quirky, amazing and historic treasures. You will certainly enjoy discovering and exploring more about the natural beauty and celebrated history for which Daylesford & Hepburn Springs is famous for in the markets and antique stores spread throughout the towns. And if the weather is not suitable for an outdoors adventure, visit the amazing Mill Market which is housed in a massive warehouse and includes one of the best kept secrets in Daylesford - the Mill Market cafe (great food and won't break your bank too!). Treasure hunting is one of Clay's favourites in town and recommended as one of the top things to do in Daylesford.


Picnics and Recreational Things To Do


There are many pretty and interesting locations in Daylesford & Hepburn Springs for picnics and recreational things to do. Picnics can be as organized or as casual as you want. Different locations are there to choose from, such as: beside the lakes, in gardens, near playgrounds, near unique natural attractions, in amongst the vines, in the sun or in the shade, which will let you explore the true beauty of Daylesford & Hepburn Springs and just kick back and relax in the setting.


The “Things to Do in Daylesford” list certainly doesn’t end here. There are several other interesting things to explore including The Chocolate Mill, Lavandula and Cricket Willow. Check out our list of sights to explore on our Private Tours page for more information and enjoy!

Secret Forest Walks

Experience the beauty and seclusion of the Wombat Forest, guided by modern GPS equipment. No clubs or tours, just you and the company of your choice, or solo if you wish. Great team building events and corporate activities for your group as well as a GPS/Geocache based Treasure Hunt at Lake Daylesford for the kids (big and little!).

Chillout Mardi Gras

Every year our town explodes with the Chillout Festival - check out info here:




Nestled in the Australian countryside, minutes from Daylesford, Leonards Hill Estate is a scenic wedding venue on four acres, surrounded by eucalyptus trees and offering indoor or outdoor ceremony options. The venue features a homestead for up to 8 guests and emphasizes sustainability with its solar-powered operations. Offering micro wedding packages and vendor flexibility, Leonards Hill Estate provides a unique and eco-conscious setting for couples seeking a memorable day.

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